St James   Style Agent

The Inspiration

came early on in life – Born into European aristocracy, my tomboy childhood was one surrounded by intellectuals, elegance and social graces. By the time I was eight my Parisian mother’s style and finesse had already inspired me to hand stitch my own version of dashing outfits for my G.I. Joe dolls. The store selection of G.I. Joe doll ensembles just didn’t make the cut…Appreciating the power and charm a person exudes when they is tastefully put together has inspired me to make a difference.

The Passion

I have for lighting a spark within people runs deep. It has ignited my natural ability to mentally make someone over at the very first handshake. My experience as a professional fashion model, make-up artist and photographer has made me keenly aware of the following: When you pay attention to the way you look, others will pay attention to who you are. Turning my passion into a reality by focusing on focusing on image consulting is one of my best decisions ever.

The Goal

is to get men and women noticed both professionally and in their love lives. By helping create a subtle yet impactful shift in you appearance, we unleash the potential for success you want. In a nutshell, we will 'Up Your Cool Factor®'. Let us work you over, you won’t believe the difference revealing your inner style will make!

Style Agent

The Benefits

Actual StyleForce Makeover

I thought my wardrobe and closet were in good shape — little did I know! Esmée quickly identified the No-No's and reshaped my portfolio of clothing.


Actual StyleForce Makeover

Wow! What a difference in how people respond to me. I highly recommend Esmée to any man wanting to make a change for the better!

Let us work you over, you won't believe the difference revealing your inner style will make!